Types of Online Property Investment, Easy And Profitable

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This type of online property investment may not be widely known at this time. In fact, now there are many property investment options that you can follow. One of them is the existence of online property investment. Many people think that you can only invest in property by buying or renting out a building.

In fact, there are also online investment options so you don’t have to buy a house to invest. Make no mistake, the properties you sell and buy online vary greatly.

Types of Online Property Investment

Know the Types of Online Property Investment

Online property investment is one of the effective ways to increase passive income and is quite popular nowadays. Because, currently investing in the property sector is taking place online.

Property Developer Shares

There has been quite a lot of interest in investing in shares lately. So it’s not just buying shares through mining, FMCG or digital companies. For this reason, you can also get shares from property developers. You would be better off choosing shares from a well-known developer. However, you need to study the risks in stock investment and be careful when reading its future prospects.

Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT)

Another form of online property investment is Real Estate Investment Funds or REITs. The reason is, technically, this investment is a collection of funds for you to manage and invest in various property assets. Usually, the minimum investment amount is 80% by managed funds in the property sector. Then, a minimum of 50% in the form of property assets directly.

EBA (Asset Backed Securities)

This type of online property investment is an effect that a Collective Investment Contract (KIK) issues with a portfolio of financial assets. The reason is, the form of EBA is in the form of bills from commercial securities. For example, future receivables and providing credit, including mortgages.

EBA is a form of investment that receives government guarantees. In fact, until now EBA is still for institutional investors and only provides KPR.

Property Bonds

Meanwhile, property bonds are a form of investment that you can get online. However, currently not many developers are offering this investment option. For this reason, you can consider developers who offer property bond investment.


Not only that, there is also online crowdfunding property investment. The reason is, as the name suggests, crowdfunding means joint venture when buying property. So investors will only spend a small budget when buying assets.

However, you need to be careful if you are going to invest in crowdfunding so you don’t get fooled. Make sure that the management company has permission from the OJK or Financial Services Authority.

Now you can understand things about online property investment. The reason is, there are various types of online property investment that you can try. However, if you still feel hesitant about investing online, of course there’s no harm in returning to conventional property assets.