Benefits of Condotel Investment, Know Before Choosing It

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Many people still don’t understand the benefits of condotel investment. The reason is, currently many people are starting to invest in condotels. Because condotel investment is a new type of investment in the world of property investment.

Apart from that, investors are also starting to look at this property investment. It is not surprising that this investment can provide quite large profits to investors. So, before you start investing, you should try to understand the benefits.

Benefits of Condotel Investment

These are Some of the Benefits of Condotel Investment

Condotel is an abbreviation of condominium hotel. The reason is, this condominium property operates like a hotel. However, ownership rights are divided like condominiums. For this reason, in simple terms, each room in a condotel can be owned by different people. However, there is only one operator.

Then, they will rent out the rooms like a hotel. In the future, the unit owner will receive income according to the percentage and is the initial agreement. However, the difference with a condominium is that the unit owner cannot live in the unit for the long term.

The reason is, unit owners will enjoy a stay quota of several days each year. After understanding the concept, you also have to know the benefits of this investment.

Get a Quite High Income

It’s the same as investing in apartments or hotels that generate operational income for investors. Because, generally investors can get a profit of between 8 to 12 percent each year from the purchase price of the condotel. Apart from that, there are also condotels that provide returns of 8 to 10 percent every 2 to 3 years when you hand over the unit. For this reason, investors can get cashback after purchasing a condotel.

Investors Will Get Free Stay Facilities

The next benefits of condotel investment that you can enjoy as an investor is that you can get free accommodation in the unit. The reason is, you can also enjoy all the facilities available at the hotel with satisfaction and at no cost. However, the free stay is only valid for 18 to 30 days. For that, you can make maximum use of it.

Unit Prices Always Increase

Many people choose this investment because the price always increases every year. The condotel price for each unit will increase over time. Apart from that, it will also follow the increase in the inflation rate.

In fact, there are also unit prices for each condotel that have increased by up to 20 percent per year. Because of these high prices, some banks allow investors’ ownership as collateral to borrow money from the bank.

Can Buy Using the KPA System

Apart from that, you can also use KPA or Apartment Ownership Credit as initial capital. Especially if you are going to invest in condotel assets. So with this KPA, there is no need to spend money when investing.

The benefits of condotel investment are quite tempting for investors. This is because condotel investment has shown a fairly rapid increase recently.